NorthumberlandThe only dairy that is pure New Brunswick

Milk and Cream Products

Northumberland Milk
Northumberland Dairy carries a full line of white and chocolate milk varieties in an assortment of package sizes. Milk is packed with 16 essential nutrients and provides a nutritious and refreshing beverage for the entire family to enjoy! Available are single serve, 1 litre, 2 litre or multi-use cartons, jugs, 4 litre polybag, and 10L and 20L dispenser formats.

Single-serve "Milk on the Moove"
Northumberland's single-serve product line, "Milk on the Moove", is perfect for New Brunswickers who want to enjoy refreshing Northumberland milk while living an active lifestyle.

Northumberland by Natrel Cream
Check out Northumberland's by Natrel extensive cream lineup: 5% Light Coffee Cream (473 ml), 10% Cereal Cream (473ml, 1L), 18% Coffee Cream (473ml, 1L), and 35% Whipping Cream (237ml, 473ml, 1L). Also, 10L 18% dispenser format coffee cream is available for Food Service accounts.

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