NorthumberlandThe only dairy that is pure New Brunswick

Milk and Cream Products

Northumberland Milk and Cream products
Northumberland Dairy carries a full line of white milk, chocolate milk and cream varieties in an assortment of package sizes. Milk is a staple item in every household and provides a nutritious and refreshing beverage. Available are single serve, 1 litre, 2 litre or multi-use cartons, jugs and 4 litre polybag formats.

Northumberland Organic milk
Organic refers to the way agricultural products, food and fiber, are grown and processed. It refers to food and beverages made, "without the use of chemical fertilizers or synthetic pesticides, processed without the use of irradiation and not derived through genetic engineering". It is an ecological system that at its core invests in practices that work in harmony with nature. Northumberland Organic milk comes from certified organic farms. The product is available in 2L 1%, 2% and homogenized milk.

Single-serve "Milk on the Moove"
Northumberland Dairy is proud to introduce its new spin on its single-serve product line called "Milk on the Moove". This product line features an eye catching cow pattern, offering in the 1L Short jug, which is really a 2L jug cut in half! Northumberland's single-serve 500ml size flavours include white, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla milk. "Milk on the Moove" can be found in your local convenience and grocery stores.

Northumberland Lactose Free
Northumberland Lactose free milk is intended for the people who have difficulty digesting lactose, the sugar that is naturally found in milk. Northumberland Lactose free is 99.99% lactose reduced and offers the same delicious taste and nutrition as regular milk, with a slightly sweeter flavour. Available in 1 litre skim, 2%, chocolate and 2 litre 2% Lactose Free.